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Auto-mate’s advanced technology delivers customers autonomous solutions for their entire mining equipment fleet. By using an open system architecture and modular technological building blocks approach, we tailor solutions to our customers’ specific operational needs.

The autonomous “systems of systems” is a combination of smart vehicles, control systems and communication solutions that run in synergy to optimise the system missions.

System of components

Auto mate technology diagram

Our unique building blocks combine smart navigation solutions using GPS, IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) for precise vehicle positioning, with real time accurate perception configuration, based on LiDARs (Light Detection and Ranging), radars and cameras.

Auto-mate’s sophisticated artificial intelligence capabilities control the mining equipment to optimise the mission according to the real time environmental conditions and operational changes.

The perception module and artificial intelligence computing run on the mining equipment and include obstacle detection and avoidance capabilities, object qualifications and real-time smart path planner.

Building blocks

Auto mate technology diagram

Auto-mate’s operating control system (OCS) enables the operations team to plan, play and monitor the autonomous mission during execution.

The OCS also allows the user to directly control each piece of mining equipment, if required, by tele-remote operation. Auto-mate’s system design uses open architecture technology to interconnect with the customer’s fleet management system on-site.

All the operational data is owned by the customer to allow optmisation of fleet and maintenance.

The robotic system supports all levels of automation from remote control (RC), tele-remote operation (TO) to full automation.

Auto-mate’s solutions enable the autonomous systems operator to decide how and when to use the controlled system by using user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) and HMI (Human-Machine Interface).

Auto-mate’s communication technologies support diverse broadcasting technologies including mesh, cellular LTE (Long-Term Evolution) and RF (Radio Frequency) solutions and are simple to deploy.

Auto-mate’s systems design is agile and robust to suit different types of platforms from various vendors with application across any mining fleet such as haulage trucks, dozers, water carts, drilling equipment, underground mining equipment for both surface mining, such as: Autonomous haulage trucks, water carts, dozers, drillers, shovels and loaders for both open cut mines and underground operations. Auto-mate’s solutions maintain the human driver capabilities to take over and control the machines manually as required.

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