Mining automation, on your terms

With advanced technology that can be retrofitted to any asset, Auto-mate delivers a flexible approach to mining automation.

Offering adaptable levels of automation, which have been applied to over 100 assets across 35 asset types, our industry leading technology is tailored to your requirements. An open architecture model connects any asset to our fleet management system, regardless of automation system.

Optimise your site and improve productivity and asset maintenance, with all data retained and owned by you. All within a fully scalable platform that can grow with your operation.

our approach

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Safety by design
Industry leading technology solutions
Flexible approach to mining automation
Open architecture model
Fully scalable systems

How can we optimise your operations?

Discover mining automation on your terms. With advanced autonomous technology that enhances safety and productivity, you stay in control of your mining operation.

Auto-mate delivers a flexible approach to automation. Choose from fully automated, leader-follower or tele operator systems across all of your haulage assets and ancillary equipment, with one central command centre.


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